What is Barn Time?

Welcome to Barn Time Music

Barn time is a multimedia collective that believes that when creative people join forces within a culture of teamwork, playing on each others’ strengths, we can amplify each others’ messages and become a powerful, efficient force for collaboration and connection.


What We're Doing

We facilitate productive conversations about the human experience through the performing arts. We enjoy talking about everything from our local scale to the orbiting globe and beyond.


Our Purpose

Barn Time is a collective of artists working hard to connect our local and global community by hosting different podcasts, live shows, and festivals. Our goal is to showcase the unique talents that help us humans innovate. Whether it’s the art of music, painting, activism, bread making, brewing, or surfboard crafting; you name it, we wanna see it. We believe that if we all join forces and play on each other's strengths, then we can all get our creative messages and products out to our peers more efficiently.


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Our Team



Zach Benavidez Co-founded Barn Time Music to provide a space for artists and producers that allows them to more easily collaborate and bring their ideas to life, without breaking the bank. He is a producer of events and multimedia projects. His experience in the production industry goes back to 2006 working for YMI Creative as a project coordinator. Since then he has produced grass roots festivals, corporate events, product shoots, music videos, documentaries and talent acquisition for Signature Entertainment. His ability to communicate with others and his passion for storytelling makes Zach one of our valued Barn Time podcast Hosts. Other than multimedia projects, Zach enjoys working at a biotech startup called, Pure Biomass. On the weekends you can find him crusin’ along on a 9’6” log shaped by Chris Cravey.


Kyre Wilcox has a passion for music and nature and a thirst for joy. In third grade his mother bought him his first Squire P Bass and his musical exploration began. One of five kids, Kyre grew up coastal living a dream life between Encinitas, CA and Max Inn, ID during the summers. He spent his childhood playing around SD, OC and LA with his band Full Revolution who continues to make music together 16 years later. Kyre loves getting to play with as many different types of groups and artists to expand his feel and vocabulary. His mom would always be listening to classic albums in the car and always encouraging him to play as much as possible. Having a successful cinematographer as a brother led him to co-found the Ursa Polaris sessions with longtime friend and Bandmate Andrew Ware. When the Ursa Polaris studio was no more they teamed up with good friend Zach Benevidez to build out a new studio and new show. Kyre also enjoys sharing his vast record collection by DJing around town.
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Andrew Ware is a drummer, sound engineer, and technical producer for the Barn Time podcast. After studying recording engineering and startup development, Andrew built a record label and designed a recording studio called Ursa Polaris Records, culminating in the release of several "Ursa Polaris Sessions" with fellow bandmate Kyre Wilcox, until the studio shut its doors shortly before the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. Refocusing, he and Zach Benavidez teamed up to help turn Zach's old storage shed in the backyard into a multimedia production studio, as a pilot location of Apogee Creatives, a co-working space focused on audiovisual production. After months of remodeling and sound treatment, Apogee began its first project with the "Barn Time" podcast, hosted by Zach Benavidez and Kyre Wilcox.
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Mixing/ Mastering Engineer
Phil Pardell is a professional drummer, educator and multimedia producer based in San Diego County. With a constant hunger for growth, Phil has continuously studied music for over 28 years. After earning a Bachelor’s Degree of Musical Performance in Philadelphia and working on the east coast, he relocated back to the San Diego area where he continues a career performing, teaching and recording drums. His path eventually led to include audiovisual production for various companies where he honed his skills in live sound reinforcement, recording, mixing, mastering, and video editing through real world experience. Through friendship and performing with Kyre Wilcox in the Anthony Cullins band, Phil was exposed to the Barn Time Podcast and immediately wanted to get involved with this talented and harmonious team. As it would turn out, the Barn Time team could use a hand with post production audio mixing and mastering so Phil happily joined the team in late 2022. If you are in need of Phil's skills like we were shoot him an emial at Not only is Phil talented but he is also an incredible human being and super fun to be around.


Film Contributor
Ryan Borell is a very talented cinematographer who specializes in commercial work as well as wedding videography. If your brand needs some fresh content or you're planning your special day this is the man you want to hit up. He is also a killer guitarist and all around great guy. Also Ryan is the only one on the BT team who’s stache can somewhat compete with Andrew’s massive face caterpillar. We are so lucky to have met this legendary human.
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Film Contributor
Tylre Wilcox is a filmmaker specializing in Commercial, Action and Lifestyle Cinematography, creative direction & editing. Throughout his career beginning in 2015, he has partnered his creative eye for Cinematography with his passion for Editing. He has a strong focus on efficiency on set & on location, as well as shooting with constant mindfulness of creative vision, shot sequences and an images bandwidth in post. He has had the pleasure of working with companies like Capitol Records, Motown Records, Activision, Converse, Vans, Independent Trucks, New Balance, Herschel Supply Co. and Thrasher Magazine.
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Melat is a chemist turned farmer and musician. In 2020 she hatched the music curation project Press On Radio, which she's working to craft into a podcast. In her role as Barn Time Music intern, she assists in video and audio editing, event production and social media management.